Slow Motion Tutorial

Open your video on Vegas pro and then right click on it, go to Properties from drop down menu and the hit Playback option. Here you can edit frame playback rate as per need but note that the software allows you to speed it up by four times as well as slow it down by 0.25x.
How to use our templates Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to download and start working on our project templates that is purchased.

Link to purchsed templates will be sent via email.
How to Create an Intro
How to create an intro from scratch in Vegas pro Software.
Please note , the FX and steps apply to all Vegas Pro software,
You can use your own material and content, fonts, and ausio track when creating this intro

NOTE:    Audio track  is NOT included in the package. An audio preview may be in the Template Package for evaluation and consideration only.
You must replace the audio with your own, or acquire audio from other sources.
How to make an Intro

Vegas Pro 11-12-13
Cool Intro

Vegas Pro 11-12-13
Vegas Pro 14 -
Chroma Key

Vegas Pro 11-12-13-14
Cookie Cutter

Vegas Pro 11-12-13
Old Look film

Vegas Pro 11-12-13-14
Slow Motion

Vegas Pro 11-12-13-14
Business / Corporate Intro Videos
Video Wall

Vegas Pro 11-12-13
Film Look

Vegas Pro 11-12-13-14
Sony Vegas Pro & Magix Vegas Pro Edit